The Project

Nowadays, a group of interrelated technologies is redefining how we live and work: cloud computing, big data, mobility, and the Internet of Things. The cloud is at the epicentre of all this activity. A broad variety of companies offer cloud products and services and, as the cloud moves from early adopters to ubiquity, customers leverage not just one cloud provider, but many, to solve needs across various business units and functions as well as one-off strategic initiatives. For example, the digital factory, based on Big Data collection and analysis, for advanced manufacturing lines, makes end-customers use services from several different cloud providers: data collection, big data analysis, virtual parts creation and storage… The challenges posed by this scenario are common to different fields, not only manufacturing, which is addressed in the use case, but also services provided by public administration or crisis management, just to mention some examples of its application.

However, this new paradigm finds high difficulties to ensure an efficient and safe management of identities for each cloud as companies are not able to globally administer identities and manage them as they can do it locally. As a result, many companies are reluctant to cloud adoption as they don´t want to lose control over identity and access management.

INCLOUDING will provide an innovative software solution, enforced by hardware, to enable robust management of identities and accesses to applications running in an extended environment of multiple cloud providers, and it will implement crucial identity mechanisms to securely and efficiently govern the identities and permissions of end-users in the extended cloud environments of Software-as-a-Service.

The main innovative results will be the creation and delivery of a suite of software modules to deliver identity and access governance in inter-cloud environments:

  • Inter-cloud steering of security service level agreements
  • New schemes of versatile authentication for end-users accessing inter-cloud applications
  • Security gateway between the enterprise perimeter and the inter-cloud domains

To achieve these objectives, INCLOUDING brings together skilled industrial actors in the security area with an extensive experience in the related subjects addressed by the project.

This project, labelled by ITEA3, is funded by the Spanish MINETUR (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo – Proyecto TSI-100104-2014-114)