NEXTEL is a telematic engineering company with an expertise in security solutions. NEXTEL is an accredited auditor by BSI on BS-7799-2:2002 information security management system. NEXTEL has more than two decades of experience offering telematic services to the business world, broadcasters and telecommunication industrial enterprises, providing them with advanced technical security solutions.

NEXTEL has a development department focused on high performance secured computing in areas like banking, airports, construction and public administration. References are: Automotive (Daimler-Chrysler), Health (Osakidetza, SSO technologies), airports (AENA), ports (Puerto de Bilbao), Basque Parliament and SPRI.

Our areas of work include the engineering, integration and consultancy of telematic systems and services, the support and advanced technical training, the security and maintenance of networks and systems, and the design and development of web applications. Services: Security Consultancy, SGSI Implementation (Systems of Management of the Security of the Information) according to BS 7799-2: 2002 / UNE 71502, content security, Secured servers, SSL, SET, Certification servers, certification entity, PKI systems, Routers, Firewalls, Proxys, and VPN modules, Systems of high availability and performance.



DATAPIXEL was founded in 1999 with the objective of designing, developing and manufacturing systems and solutions in the field of artificial vision in industrial and professional applications. To achieve this, Datapixel has formed an initial working group with high technical qualification and experience in computer artificial vision. In the last few years, Datapixel has fixed its strategy in developing solutions adapted to the company necessities, motivated by the new requisites and challenges of industries like automotive, aerospace or electronics. In its beginnings Datapixel developed high quality and high technology components which offer the best features in the market, while nowadays the company advances towards the integration of these components in machines and production lines. With this, it supplies solutions in virtual metrology, automated inspection and robot guiding. These applications will be needed for the development of new productive processes.

The main three axis of this activity are:

  • Implementation of inspection and quality control systems in production line by means of robotized systems and 3D vision digitalized sensors.
  • Software and processing applications and analysis of 3D point clouds and optical sensors data.
  • Consultancy, design and specific development of customized dimensional and geometrical inspection systems for the aeronautical, automation and electronic sectors.



UNIMETRIK is a Metrological Service company, oriented to offer solutions for the industry related to Calibration, Measurement and Metrological engineering.

UNIMETRIK is accredited by ENAC and acknowledged by the principal aeronautic groups in Spain. It is exporting its technology to countries such as USA, Germany, Brazil and the Czech Republic. Unimetrik is part of Innovalia Metrology, with the strategy of create and develop projects in a flexible way. For this reason multi-disciplinary teams are formed, joining efforts from the different companies in order to achieving the particular objectives of each project.

Unimetrik R&D activities are mainly developed in the NMP area, involving the following fields: Nano-probing technologies for highly accessible, ultra-precision, 3D isotropic dimensional characterisation of micro-part 3D, nano-calibration artefacts and rapid Nano-CMM verification processes, calibration techniques for virtual metrology, large volume metrology 3D auto-compensation and auto-calibration algorithms. In his R&D activities, UNIMETRIK aims to obtain tools and solutions that allow them to manage, process and analyze the high density clouds of points, generated in the virtualization of pieces and during the calibration processes.


Asociación Innovalia

Innovalia Association is a an independent private Associated Research Lab, established by a group of technology-based companies that are all highly aware of that innovation, as an inherent business process, is a necessity for maintaining competitiveness. The Innovalia Association serves as a mean for articulating critical mass to successfully address the ambitious and long-term research objectives of the associated companies. The association was founded in 2002, sprung from Innovalia, which is a strategic alliance of companies with more than 20 years of collaboration in research and innovation. Innovalia allied companies have participated and headed numerous research projects, funded on a national, international or bilateral basis. Innovalia's business activities broadly span the whole European market, covering the supply of RTD services, the networking of private and public companies with heavy emphasis on SMEs, SME collaboration activities and SME training.

The Innovalia Association is organised into three different Units: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Unit; Nanotechnology and Advanced Metrological Unit; Manufacturing and Knowledge Management Unit. These units assemble skills, laboratories and resources from the allied companies and they also benefit from a high degree of collaboration with external companies, both on national and European level. Innovalia Association is member of the Innobasque Network, which is made up of various Basque organisations with innovation is a strategic priority. Innovalia Association was the coordinating entity of the FP6 Integrated Project Nano-CMM, one of the few integrated projects led by a high-tech SME, which was selected by the EC as a success story in 2012.

It has also long experience in technical coordination of projects, such as iTETRIS in FP7, CELTIC ICARUS and FP6 projects MULTINET and CSA REDEST. It has also served as Business Innovation Office of the FP6 Integrated Project Co-Spaces and it is the Spanish cluster representative of the European Europortal Project. On national level, Innovalia is the technical coordinator of FASyS, one of 18 Spanish flag-ship industrial R&D projects in 2009 (CENIT programme), addressing advanced ICT solutions for secure and healthy factories of the future. Innovalia is also leading the development of the security and trust model for interorganisational enterprise collaboration as part of FP7 ComVantage IP. Innovalia has also taken part in the ITEA2 gold and silver award winning projects MULTIPOL and METAVERSE, where security solutions for multi-domain environments have been developed. Finally, Innovalia is also the leader of the FInES Cluster Task Force on SMEs in the Future Internet, which is working on defining how SMEs can best exploit the Future Internet ecosystems and identifying how the SMEs will operate their businesses in the Future Internet ecosystem.


Beia Consult International

Beia Consult International is an SME with R&D department, founded in 1991, and it is one of the leading providers of telecommunications equipment and solutions in Romania for enterprise communications.

Main activities domain and market - "enterprise communications", a large customers portfolio (over 6000 public/private customers, located in Romania and abroad), Beia is an authorized distributor of Siemens, Voxtron, Dialogic, Dasan Electron, InVision, Tiptel, Beyertone, FMT and Dassault Systemes/Exalead. Beia references include over 5,000 turn-key projects for telephone exchanges, local and corporate networks, and advanced communications solutions.

BEIA Consult has expertise in the research and go-to market of Enterprise Communications (IT&C integration hardware, software, network), Contact/Call Centers, Local telephone and data networks, Small Office and Home Office Communications (PABX, phones), PCM and XDSL transmission, Tele-monitoring (IP / Wireless SCADA), Complex Communication Solutions (IVR, Soft phone, Voice/Video mail, VoIP services), Structured Cabling and other Network Construction Elements.

Beia has R&D potential in Cloud, embedded M2M (Machine 2 Machine) telemonitoring & telecommunications applications and complete ITC Projects, Technical testing, Testing of market related features, Implementation, and Managed Services & System Integration, one of the R&D results consist in "IP-Wireless-Telemetry" experimental system: Remote Terminal Unit (stand alone, GPS location, data acquisition and processing, command and control, GPRS/CDMA on-line data transmission with TCP/IP embedded); Field Interface Unit – communications server; client application (fleet management, data monitoring and command), human machine interface.

Also BEIA has experience with software for Energy Remote Management System and manages an ongoing project "TELE-GREEN / Telemonitoring System equipment, installations and facilities for the production of clean energy" co-financed by the European Regional Development Funding.